Accountable to who?

To you! Being accountable is simple - I take ownership of every decision and action I take and will continue to do so as a board member. Every decision I make will be with you in mind. Let's discuss the Consent Order and where we stand on what the DEP has mandated be done. ECUA has some great programs and its my job to make sure District 3 ratepayers are aware. Some need to take advantage of the available discounts for senior and disability citizens.


What does it mean to be accessible?

You can reach me by phone and email, or if you'd prefer I will also have daily office hours to allow for face to face conversations. Additionally I will visit neighborhoods in the community to host  town halls, ensuring that everyone in the community has the opportunity to be heard and weigh in on the issues. You may have difficulty getting to Ellyson Industrial Park; however, if you can make it up the street to the community center then you can reach me!


Who will you advocate for?

What's up with the landfills in Wedgewood/Rolling Hills? The landfill has still not been fully closed since the 2016 order. You! Let me be clear - I am totally opposed to the waste tanks placed on Palafox for several reasons. ECUA had not shown any due diligence in making this decision and the community was not allowed to take part in the decision making. That does not sit well with me. Where was the rate payer's input? Any decision that would have an effect on rate payers, the rate payers should be given an opportunity to speak and ask questions, prior to a vote.

Why spend money to move the plant only to bring a portion of it right back downtown? This doesn't make good fiscal sense.


This was personal if something were to happen while sewage is being stored there my then 96 year old grandmother's home would be affected.  NOT on my watch!


Here's where I plan to spend my time and money: Let's work together to resolve your issues. Be it low water pressure or no pressure. Your issues matter to me and we will address together for a resolution.


Putting Water First!


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